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faker n : a person who makes deceitful pretenses [syn: imposter, impostor, pretender, fake, fraud, sham, shammer, pseudo, pseud, role player]

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  1. one who fakes something
  2. an impostor or impersonator

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Faker is an Australian alternative rock band, formed in Sydney in 1996. The band consists of vocalist Nathan Hudson, drummer Paul Berryman, guitarist Stefan Gregory, and bassist Nicholas Munnings.
Despite forming in 1996, Faker's first studio album, Addicted Romantic, was only released in 2000 and re-released 2005. Prior to that, the band played multiple local gigs, and also released several EPs. In 2007, Faker became a mainstream success with their second album, Be the Twilight, and went on to tour nationally.


Formation and early releases

Faker were formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1996. It initially consisted of Nathan Hudson, Paul Youdall, Chris Deal, and Andrew Day. The band spent five years performing small gigs around Sydney. They also released several EPs in this time, to minor success. Faker were joined in 2003 by Paul Berryman after the departure of Day. Hudson described this as "the true beginning" for the band. In 2004, Downing left the band, citing communication problems with other members. The band's lineup of Hudson, Berryman, Gregory, and Munnings, remained unchanged after that point. Addicted Romantic was nominated for the inaugural J Award, won by Wolfmother.
On Addicted Romantic, Faker worked with producer Lindsay Gravina (Magic Dirt) at Birdland studios, shortly after signing to Capitol Records, who would become very supportive of the band's work.

Be the Twilight

Faker's second album, Be the Twilight, was released on 17 November 2007. It has thus far peaked at #24 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart. One single was released from the album; "This Heart Attack", on 27 October. The song has peaked at #9 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart, and also reached #5 on the Triple J Hottest 100, 2007.
Be the Twilight was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Paul Fox (XTC, Björk, The Sugarcubes, They Might Be Giants). The band wrote 45 songs for the album before traveling to Los Angeles, where they trimmed this down to 12. The songs were influenced by the band's surroundings at the time of recording, with Hudson stating "[t]here’s a whole directness that exists in L.A. and I kind of feel that we put that in the record". Hudson said that after "putting all the things you’ve ever experienced" into Addicted Romantic, the band were able to record Be the Twilight "a bit more in the moment." Be the Twilight took its name from Hudson's fear of the dark; Faker insisted they "name the album after the twilight just to annoy him". The tour commenced on 15 November 2007.
Critics responded to Be the Twilight in different ways. Triple J rated it highly, stating the band "has made a record that will instantly please fans". FHM saw it as "less annoying" than Addicted Romantic, but still only gave it three stars. also had mixed feelings, stating that in the album, Faker didn't "come close to capturing the same magic as their debut".


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